I am a fiscal conservative who believes in protecting individual liberties and holding our government accountable. I have served at the state and federal levels of government and it has been a great honor to represent my home district at our state’s Capitol.

Samara Heavrin
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    Emerging Opportunity for Our Residents

    Workforce development is one of my top priorities this session – particularly in seeing the General Assembly continue to pass legislation to strengthen workforce development in rural areas, as well as partnerships between high schools and local businesses. Our youth deserve a healthy economy so they too may have the opportunity to raise a family in this special place, and it’s up to us to make that happen.

    I believe the answers to many of the issues we face lie within our own communities. That said, I believe more can be done at the state level to make our region more business-friendly. Good government puts the needs of the people first and fights to ensure new opportunities for local families. As your representative, I will work to remove burdensome regulations that stand in the way of our local progress.

    It was while working for Senator Paul that I learned just how detrimental government overreach and unnecessary regulation can be to our families and businesses, stifling new opportunity. I will bring that experience to Frankfort and work to fight against any attempted government overreach that would kill jobs, our Kentucky values, or hurt District 18 families.

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    Conservative Values

    100% Pro-Life

    I was grateful for my recent endorsement by Kentucky Right to Life and I will proudly fight for human life while in office. I was raised in a family that taught me how every life is precious. We must always provide for the safety and well-being of our unborn, while also rallying around our new and expectant mothers. The complicated truth is that many women who seek out abortion find limited options and resources available to them. I want to be a voice in Frankfort on behalf of our mothers, now and future, and particularly those who feel unsupported. In the same way, we’re living in a time with the largest growing population of aging adults, some of which are unable to care for themselves or facing an approaching death. Respect for the sanctity of life, at all levels and stages, is a key principle of my campaign. I am pro-life from beginning to end, not just at birth.


    2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

    For many Kentuckians, owning a firearm is a part of everyday life. I will work to protect this right in Frankfort and ensure that this right is one that does not become diluted with unnecessary restrictions and rules.

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    Improving Education

    Education is an important topic and I want our school teachers and their students to know that I take their issues seriously. I understand the challenges teachers face because my own mother is a Kentucky School teacher. I’ve seen how both she and so many of the other leaders in education go above and beyond their duties and pour their already limited time and resources into our schools. If elected, I will fight for better education to ensure that teachers and students have everything they need to be successful.

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    Agriculture & Opportunity

    We grow a diverse range of crops in Grayson and Hardin County. As agriculture has adapted and changed, so should government be flexible to the will of the people it represents. We must maintain a healthy balance between new opportunities to our region while prioritizing the stability of our established businesses.

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    Fighting the Drug Crisis

    Only a few years ago, the opioid epidemic was declared a public health emergency. In order to actually curb this growing crisis, we will need to prioritize access to addiction treatment. We can and must help our neighbors struggling with the disease get the help they need. Other ways to combat this problem include preventing over-prescription, research and develop non-addictive pain medications, and train law enforcement to intercept shipments from drug traffickers at our borders.

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    Support for our Veterans

    Among my top priorities for this session are veterans’ affairs. Government leaders absolutely can be doing more to help our veterans navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs and receive the benefits they earned through their service and sacrifice. It’s something I say all the time, but I want to use my platform to help the people in our district. From where I’m sitting, our veterans are a great place to start.